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 our story 

Saipo was born out of a need for feel-good skincare that won't break the bank – or the environment.

It all began with a tutorial for handmade soap in August 2018. Our co-founder, Isabella Madamba, chanced upon this tutorial while browsing the Internet. She immediately fell in love with the process, as it appealed to her Food Science background, her desire for plastic-free products,  as well as her creative side.

Many experiments later, Isabella took a risk and posted photos of her soap online, not knowing what the response would be. Luckily, it was overwhelmingly positive, and she made it official with an online store in October 2018, along with the help of Ludwig Tayona, the brand's co-founder. This prompted the birth of Saipo. 


We at Saipo believe that    skincare has the power to make anyone and everyone feel good – especially if it is simple, honest, and environment-friendly.


We think skincare can and should be simple. If you use high-quality ingredients and create effective formulas, then positive results are a given. 


We view honesty as an integral part of feel-good skincare, so we select our ingredients to ensure their quality and safety. When you know what you are putting on your skin and you can trust its purity, you feel at peace. 


We are conscious of our environmental impact, whether it is in the form of plastic waste, harmful ingredients, or unsustainable sourcing. This is the reason behind our ultimate goal of minimally packaged and sustainably sourced skincare, which we are always working to achieve.

 the ingredients that 

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 our soapmaking process 

All of our soaps are handmade from scratch using a method that is known as the cold process soapmaking method. This approach involves a chemical reaction called saponification, wherein sodium hydroxide, or lye, is combined with oils to produce soap and glycerin.


We use the cold process method because it allows us to make soap that is 100% customized. This means we can choose the oils, scents, essential oils, and colorants that go into each bar!


Our basic soap recipe is made using all-natural plant oils, including olive oil, coconut oil, palm oil, castor oil, and sweet almond oil. We then add fragrances or essential oils for scent, and colorants such as mica powder to make the design come to life. Take a look at these basic soapmaking ingredients below!

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