ICYMI: We're in British Vogue!

Pinch us, we're so sure we're dreaming.

Being a small fish in a planet Earth-sized pond is not easy. While we try our hardest not to get stuck in the mindset of a small business, the long game isn't always clear, especially when faced with the never-ending maze that is social media.

At times, you can't help but wonder – is our content reaching the people that we want it to? Are we really making ourselves stand out among the thousands of skincare brands out there?

We're big believers in a healthy dose of self-doubt, but sometimes, the skepticism gets you down more than usual.

Despite the chasm of uncertainty staring us in the face, we kept up our posting on our social media channels in the hopes that something amazing would happen. But for a while, nothing did.

Then, out of the blue, a seemingly innocuous email notification popped up. Little did we know, this email had the potential to change everything.

A snippet of the email's title was enough to send us into a frenzy. "Saipo | Opportunity with Vogue" – we could hardly believe that this was real!

Needless to say, we accepted the invitation. After all, it's not every day that your brand gets an opportunity to be in one of the most famous and high-end publications ever printed.

As we marveled at the fairy-tale-like nature of the situation we found ourselves in, we realized that this story is about more than getting the opportunity of a lifetime.

It's about sticking to your craft even if it seems like no one is listening. Because chances are, more people are listening than you think.

It's about perseverance even if you don't know what the outcome will be. Because chances are, something great awaits you.

We're so grateful to be featured in British Vogue, and we hope that it will not be the last incredible feature we get in our lifetime.

Check out our British Vogue feature in the November 2019 issue below! (We're number 51 on the list).

Also, watch out for our features in the December 2019 and January 2020 issues as well!

To shop the featured product, our Bentonite Clay Shaving Soap, click here.


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